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What is Tranquil Garden
Adventurers Edition?

The definitive version of our Personal Playstyle RPG where you control Juniper the Hunter, Cedar the Archer, and Lily the Hero. Meet more impressionable characters, explore colorful maps with updated graphics, and use the power of your own personality to become the greatest Hero the world needs!

What is Tranquil Garden
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  • Hundreds of "Boosting Prompts" throughout the game's maps, character interactions, and battles all primed to give a personalized experience.

  • More than 60 Unique Enemies to defend the world against, from Magical Dogs and Enflamed Eye Drops to Dangerous Gods.

  • More than 25 Stylized Cutscene Graphics crafted with love and charm.

  • Over 60 maps packed with events, mini-games, and scenic views to help Players

       get to know more about the game's beautiful world and supportive characters.

  • 5 to 20 hours of gameplay that provide a suitable, engaging experience for both casual and hardcore RPG Players.



Game Manual

Game Manual and Press Kit

Press Kit

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