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Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition, #GameDev Events on Long Island, and More!

Hello and welcome to the first Glass Robot Report in a LONG WHILE 😅 I've been wanting to save writing one of these up until we had a good amount of appealing, sufficient updates to provide and I have an honest chance to sit at my desk but one out of two isn't bad... For example, I'm writing this post while I'm on the bus ride to work 🚌 We're not trying to rush any project or endeavor anymore but we are in the mindset that we'd like to show you what we've got in the works between games AND events rather than just sit on everything minus one project at a time!

SO ABOUT OUR GAMES (that's right, plural 😉) Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition has been getting the spotlight lately across our social media so far because as you can see, it is coming along VERY nicely! There have been issues with transitioning map designs, events and programming, and more from the original 2D project to this 3D-implemented one, but perseverance is my strong suit and I'm dedicated to providing the most definitive, fun way to experience Tranquil Garden within as timely a manner as possible! I'll have some numbers in terms of battles, equipment, special interactions, and more to share at a later point (hopefully this weekend 🙏) but for now, please know that the game is progressing smoothly and you can find out more about it across our social media and right here on our website. We'll even have "cheat codes" and mystery gifts that can be unlocked in the game, but you might only be able to find the keys for those HERE ON OUR WEBSITE 😁

As for the other game project that we've got in the works, I won't say much about it because I don't have any visuals I feel like "leaking" or quietly sharing (plus I'm at work 😂 no gamedev projects here), but just know that it will be fast-paced in terms of game feel and a unique ROLL/take/spin on an accessible yet challenging game genre 🟣🎳🎮📚

ABOUT EVENTS, there's still a lot of specifics that I have to discuss with my Glass Robot teammates, but I've been thoroughly looking into local libraries, schools, and community centers across Long Island to see how I can reserve spaces to host events with the purpose of supporting game developers here 🕹️🙌 Even I understand that while you might want to make the commute out to NYC to attend the multitude of IGDA, Playcrafting, EGD Collective, BrookLAN, GUMBO, and Wonderville events, it's just not financially viable or you might not be able to 'cause of work or personal life circumstances (or both). Trust me, I GET THAT 🥴 I'm always looking for time and funds to consistently make my way out there whether it's for the glorious food or networking opportunities (or both)

So to wrap up this Glass Robot Report, I want to tl;dr-inform you that Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition is COMING SOON (don't want to give an exact date or window just yet so I don't underestimate the dev cycle this time around), we've got another game project to showcase SOON also, and I promise you that I'm learning what I can and networking with whoever I can to start hosting fun gamedev events here (because we're Glass Robot 🤖 Your Friendly Neighborhood Game Development Team 🤗) Thank you for your patience, understanding, and taking the time to join me on this bus ride-length GR Report! Have a great Friday and a super fun weekend!!

- Logan, Public Speaker and Glass Robot Team Lead

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