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Wrapping up Last Year at Glass Robot

There were plenty of happenings at GR HQ last year and this post will go over the main points.

Glass Robot worked tirelessly along with VoxPox Games to release the newest edition of our RPG series, Tranquil Garden! Known as Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition, this game was the definitive release and something that has been in the making for years. We're very happy to have put it out on Steam and hope that you enjoy this balanced, upbeat RPG!

Glass Robot was on the ground at many events last year too. Starting off locally, it was great to attend many events throughout New York. From UnityNYC Meetups to Taco Tuesdays with the IGDA at the Coexist GameHouse, we spent a good deal of time keeping up with other game developers and creatives. We even got to exhibit Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition and speak about constructing unique settings in games at the EGD Collective's own Waffle Games 6.0!

Later in the year, Glass Robot had the opportunity to fly out to the West Coast and show off Tranquil Garden at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2023! From our two teammates that attended, here's what they had to say:

"I'm glad I got to experience firsthand an indie scene that exists so far from home, and it was a pleasure to try out the diverse gameplay experiences that were showcased. The creations everyone presented showed the hard work and dedication indies are known for, and it all inspires me to keep pushing through the challenges we face on our own projects."

"We're very grateful to have had the opportunity to present our project amongst so many talented creators. Getting to network with everyone that we spoke with was an impactful experience unlike anything else I've done in the games industry so far."

It was a great time all around, and hopefully we will return to more in-person events very soon!

In other news for last year, the indie gaming market had lots of shake ups. Unfortunately, due to circumstances with the platform we were using to develop our latest game, we have decided to put that project on an indefinite hiatus.

But on a lighter note, we are currently in the starting process of making a new game with the Godot Engine. We hope to hone our skills and release a fun experience with this new project. We are very excited, so expect updates as we progress.

We're looking forward to 2024 with great things on the horizon!

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