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Clear Circuits, our Puzzle Mobile Game, is nearly Complete!

Hey everyone, Logan from Glass Robot here to check in finally! It has been quite a long time since we posted or updated here on our website, but I assure you that the team and I have been plenty busy. We took some time off from meeting up and working on our gamedev-related endeavors to manage our personal lives as well as our respective jobs.

That being said, we're back at it and as ready as ever!! Clear Circuits, our puzzle game starring Kairo the Glass Robot is nearing its completion in development. We've got all 30 levels designed, most of the music and sounds taken care of, and the game works well to provide a fun mobile experience. We're gonna take the time easing back into posting more regularly on social media by sharing how the game used to look (both behind the scenes and via screenshots), so please look forward to all of that!

Till we have more in the future, please remember to stay tuned at our social links! Have a good one, everybody!!

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