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Clear Circuits Update, Some Tranquil Garden News, and an upcoming Speaking Event!

Hello all, happy Monday! I hope that you're all enjoying the new week already and are good to go for what should be even more fun-filled times! The Glass Robot Team and I have been struggling a bit still with our mobile puzzle game, Clear Circuits, but progress is being made. Take a look!

Not the most charming look at this project, but slow and steady! We'll get to the bottom of those visual issues soon enough...

Other than that, we've been still organizing what features we'll be adding to the upcoming Tranquil Garden release, the Adventurer's Edition. While we do want to just jump back into the RPG Maker engine and start programming/balancing away, it's a big point that we're trying to not rush here. For now, I can confirm that we'll be adding Character Bust/Portrait designs behind the dialogue boxes, Marriage/Relationship options for the Main Character, and even more Side-Quests in general! I'll have more news for you all on this project in the near future, but please continue to bear with us.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to mention that our Team Lead and Game Designer, Logan, will be presenting at the upcoming EGD Collective's virtual event, Waffle Games 4.0! It's going to be a massively long and productive gaming expo of sorts this Friday (04/09/2021) being held TOTALLY FREE, so please consider checking it out!

With all of that in mind, thank you everybody for being awesome and we hope that you have a great rest of your week!

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