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Glass Robot Reporting... Tranquil Garden News!

I hope that you all have been liking our character cards for the main playable cast of Tranquil Garden so far! If you haven't had a chance to see 'em yet though, here's the game's leading ladies:

Cedar's definitely going to be good for quick hits and finishing off enemies with high defense.

Lily's a heavy hitter and can help with guarding the rest of the party. She might even be the strongest asset for most playthroughs?


Fortunately, we're really on our A-Game today and we've got a slew of other updates about the Tranquil Garden project:

- In addition to posting more content like the character cards, we're working on pages that will ultimately make up a Digital Game Manual for Tranquil Garden! That way, in case you want to learn some cool world-building facts or even tips & tricks which could help throughout your playthrough, you'll have an appealing-looking and neat guide.

- Tranquil Garden's going to have a Playable Demo release "soon-ish" (not making any promises, but we're shooting for the end of the week) that won't exactly feature the main game's story, but it will definitely contribute to the world-building and effectively highlight the core gameplay! It'll release on our GameJolt and pages (which we unfortunately haven't touched in a while...) and feature that Game Manual we mentioned plus some other cool files.

- The game's Playable Demo, again, will NOT feature the story of the main game. It'll be a side-story which features our main cast - Juniper, Cedar, and Lily. HOWEVER, our Game Trailer is on its way and we'll actually be a neat little tie-in with the Demo! All of it's to build up the game's world, show off the main mechanics, and give you a delicious taste of the Tranquil Garden Experience!!

That's really all the updates that I can think of bringing up right here and now... If you have any questions about our projects, would like to see us work on anything in particular, or are interested in providing some feedback, PLEASE feel free to reach to us via social media or by sending an email to!

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