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New "Clear Circuits" Gameplay + Some Words from Logan!

Hey everyone, happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!! Our Team took it easy, got some candy, dressed up our pets, and we even had a productive Meeting too.

Clear Circuits, our upcoming Mobile Puzzle Game is progressing well so far in its development cycle. We've consistently been working on this since Tranquil Garden was even finished up and we're happy with how everything's looking so far. The new game's features and details are updated on its page here on our website, but feel free to also check out the new Gameplay Video that we've got on YouTube! (It's even narrated!)

In regards to how we'll be proceeding with projects/endeavors in the foreseeable future... We're mainly focusing on the Clear Circuits development work. We do want to plan more events with the IGDA NYC Branch or even alongside the EGD Collective, but we'll keep you posted here on how any talks turn out!

For now, we hope you enjoy this brief update and are looking forward to many more that we've got coming. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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