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New Tranquil Garden Beta + Playcrafting Event News!

Hello there, and welcome to the latest GR Report! We've got a lot to cover today, starting with the release of Tranquil Garden's latest Beta Demo. It features a solid hour of gameplay and highlights many of the upcoming RPG's selling points: A fun, refreshing, and Character-Driven Narrative, well-balanced battles with Crazy-Looking Monsters, as well as a unique spin on growth with Stat-Boosting Dialogue Prompts!

Please check out the Beta Demo by downloading it either here on our Official Website or right from our Itchio/GameJolt Pages!


Next up, we've got news about Playcrafting's upcoming event, "SPRING PLAY: NYC Game Expo." For those of you who may not know, Playcrafting is a great team of folks who provide tools and events for game developers to grow and prosper. And Glass Robot will be taking them up on this upcoming opportunity:

We'll be hosting a table this Saturday, May 18th, from 12:00 to 5:00 PM at the Microsoft Office (11 Times Square in New York, NY) and demonstrating Tranquil Garden. We'll also be giving out FREE Glass Robot merch and tickets for the event are also FREE, so check out how you can register!

I think that might be just about everything for right now... I'll make sure to keep updating you all as frequently as possible, but please make sure to stay tuned here and on our social media pages! Thank you very much, take care!!

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