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Recovered from Burnout with Plans to Update Clear Circuits & Tranquil Garden

Many of you might have noticed that we took some time away from social media after Clear Circuits was successfully released to the Google Play Store. It has been about a month and I do personally apologize for having taken so much time in silence, but I (not speaking for the rest of the Glass Robot Team) have been staving off creative burnout for most of this year.

I've had this blogpost in my drafts for over a week now and I'm finishing at 2:00 AM, so please bear with me. All of us on Glass Robot definitely aim for delivering well-polished and fun experiences that we're collectively proud of, but we do all work other full-time jobs to maintain our respective lives. Myself, "Logan," specifically, I have been working full-time almost non-stop for the past 6 years and living independently here in New York for most of that period of time as well. It has been very fulfilling and had its shares of positive moments, but there have been quite a few times where I honestly struggled to find the motivation and energy to stick to Glass Robot's projects. Perfect segue now that I think about it because I'd like to go from admitting that to talking a bit more about how we'll be moving forward with our games!

With Clear Circuits, our cartoony yet challenging mobile puzzle game that recently launched on the Google Play Store (please click here to check it out and leave a review with feedback), we're going to be polishing it up! We've reached out to local and online friends, family, coworkers, and general lovers of puzzle games for these comments and ideas on how we can improve Clear Circuits...

  • Animating a cute intro video to play when opening the app, and this will essentially the context for who Kairo the Glass Robot is and what's he doing repairing these machines with batteries.

  • Researching and designing dynamic backgrounds that can be swapped out behind levels to offer more variety and flashy visuals to accompany the main gameplay.

  • Recording and producing more cartoony and exaggerated sound effects to accompany the interaction with Batteries among other game pieces.

With Tranquil Garden, our Personal Playstyle RPG which launched on Steam, we've actually got a couple of big plans in the works!

  • We are still very excited to be working on the Adventurer's Edition of the game for VoxPop Games' platform exclusively. This will be the definitive and most expanded-upon version of Tranquil Garden available and we're redesigning everything from the ground up (from the character sprites to the battle mechanics and narrative).

  • Since the aforementioned final version of Tranquil Garden will take until the end of 2021 to wrap up in development, we're going to be quickly polishing up the base version and rereleasing it on Steam as well as some other platforms. I'll elaborate more on this in the days/weeks to come but for now, just understand that this "Supporter's Edition" of Tranquil Garden will feel fundamentally different from the "Adventurer's Edition" and feature expanded battle mechanics and story beats.

I understand that was a lot of information to just expand on in a few bullets, but I wanted to honestly get this blogpost out ASAP. I really want to improve at managing Glass Robot's social media presence and also keep up the healthy progress with our game projects, so thank you sincerely for your support and sticking with us so far everyone! Look forward to more consistent updates, I'll do my best now that I'm refreshed from this past month of rest!

- Logan Cavaliere, Glass Robot's Team Lead & Local (tired) Loudmouth

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