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Tired & Late, Reporting for Screenshot Saturday

So it's currently 5:00 AM and I'm tackling troublesome seasonal allergies... But our team had a very productive Meeting earlier today and we're still doing our best to keep up this comfortable workflow, so I guess that you can say there's some good and bad to report this time around. We may be a bit late to the party, but provided below is a screenshot from one of Tranquil Garden's battles that highlights the stat-boosting dialogue mechanic!

After this prompt, the Player will have to respond! And however they choose to behave may just prove to give Juniper, Cedar, and Lily the edge they could use in this battle.


This weekend so far has been a lot of bug-fixing and balancing for Tranquil Garden as we're trying to get the Playable Demo good to go by Monday. We should make it in time, provided that no surprise monsters get the jump on us... Oh, but to elaborate on what's going on in that screenshot above:

- Juniper, Cedar, and Lily have found themselves ambushed by a crazy cast of monsters in Ativ's beautiful Rine Grotto!

- Some of the monsters look stranger than any others they've faced up to this point so Cedar, the more cautious and sharp Archer of the group, is warning Juniper accordingly.

- He'll have the opportunity to respond and that's where YOU, THE PLAYER, must decide! Maybe you'll act hastily and work to finish off these enemies as quickly as you can, giving your team an ultimate boost of agility? Or perhaps you'll heed Cedar's warning seriously and play your cards in defense mode, ultimately buffing your team's stats?

We'll do what we can to have more screenshots out throughout today to make up for the lack of one yesterday, but I'm going to catch some shut-eye first... Good night, er, good morning and stay tuned for more Tranquil Garden-Related updates right here!

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