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Tranquil Garden Coming Soon, Final Beta Demo Coming Sooner!

While things haven't been going as smoothly as we planned out for June 2019, we're getting back on track and doubling down on Tranquil Garden's development! Please check out the progress points that we've got below and let us know what you think on social media (or just by emailing "")

► All 33 unique Enemy Designs and 10 Cutscenes have been completed and are in working order throughout the game! If anything, we're just still trying to balance out battles so that they're not too long but are still a fun time.

► Believe it or not, most of June was spent buffing out a few particular bugs! We came across an issue with our version of RPG Maker MV that made it so any save files created by the finished builds would corrupt and just not work if you tried loading them. All in all, we have finally figured out and fixed those bugs. We're moving forward with development promptly and are planning to release one more Beta Demo out that will feature MOST OF THE FINISHED GAME.

► With 50 unique maps, approximately 38 of them are now finished! They're all packed with fun dialogue prompts, epic battles, and more of everything that should make for a great RPG experience.

► So what's next? We've got to actually finish the game, of course, but we're going to be getting that Steam Page setup so it's not just our GameJolt and Pages which are hosting downloads! Please bear with us as we get closer to finishing up this project but for now, we hope that the video updates which we've been uploading to our YouTube Channel are alright!

We've got a lot to show since the Tranquil Garden's nearly done, so take a look at some videos below!

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