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Tranquil Garden is OUT NOW, 100% COMPLETE!

It took a few months longer than expected, but Tranquil Garden is FINALLY COMPLETE AND OUT NOW! We've been somewhat active on social media but for the most part, our team has been devoted to our day jobs and then the development of this RPG Maker project. We've gotten it to a point where it's playable, doesn't have any game-breaking glitches, and we're incredibly proud of it!

After having checked how long I've used our RPG Maker MV engine in Steam, it shows "3,356 Hours." That's about 139 whole days and THAT'S about 4 and a half months. We ended up spreading that out over a few years because of life-related matters and we're DEFINITELY not looking to treat any future projects like that!

You can learn more about what exactly went into this game's development right here or by clicking the cutscene below!

And we also put together a Launch/Release Trailer to commemorate Tranquil Garden coming out for our GameJolt and Pages! You can download the game either here from our website or directly by visiting those linked pages. And for that sick new Trailer we've got out, it's right here!

Up next on the chopping block is getting Tranquil Garden ready for launching on Steam and working more on a project we haven't announced yet! See you around!

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