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Tranquil Garden is Running Late, but Here's Our Game Plan!

Firstly, I'd like to start this post off by sincerely apologizing... This is Logan Cavaliere from the Glass Robot Team reaching out to say that we understand Tranquil Garden, our accessible and engaging RPG, is still not out on or and its mobile tie-in, Tranquil Garden: Roshambo is no longer available on the Android Play Store.

Please understand that we are doing everything we can to make both Tranquil Garden and its Roshambo mobile game fun, easy-to-pick-up experiences. Due to some more personal circumstances, however, the development/publishing processes for both projects are taking longer than expected.

To make up for this whole situation, here's what we're planning to do:

At some point during every day, we'll be uploading a post to our social networks relating back to our games somehow until these two main projects are RELEASED... We'll try to keep the uploads as interesting as possible, so please make sure to keep tabs on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

► And it might sound counter-intuitive, but we're going to divvy up more tasks amongst our Team. We've been networking at quite a few local Game Development-Related events and are having incredibly wonderful times. We'd really like to take some time every week to share about some of the great devs, entertainers, and more that we're meeting, so we'll be doing what we can to post more about those occasions!

Please let us know what you think about all this by following us anywhere on social media or by shooting us an Email (

Thank you again sincerely to everybody for your patience. I promise you that we here at Glass Robot will do everything we can to make our games as fun and engaging as possible!

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