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Tranquil Garden Mobile Tie-In OUT NOW and Main Game OUT IN TWO DAYS

Happy Monday to all, and long-time no see! Glass Robot has been really busy this past month, but we've got some GREAT NEWS and then there's some not-so-great news...

► We've been presenting Tranquil Garden at many local events here in New York, and we have been getting a lot of important feedback! So much that we are very nearly finished with the actual game!!

► As we've been advertising on our social networks, the main Tranquil Garden game will be releasing on,, and to the Steam Store all in this month of August 2019. However, we are going to be launching it first on those websites and then on Steam later in the month... That latter point is mainly because it's going to take a couple of weeks for the build of our game to get approved on Steam!

► We presented the game at one of the biggest gaming conventions that our Team has ever been to recently, and that's Playcrafting's Play NYC! We had informed everybody there as well as in certain promotional material that we're planing to release Tranquil Garden on and this week AND WE INTEND ON STICKING WITH THAT... But after having heard some VERY insightful, we are going to have to push back the release at least by a couple of days.

► To make up for Tranquil Garden needing to go through some more testing and fine-tuning, we've gone ahead and taken care of something very special in our off-time... Please allow us to introduce the Mobile Game Tie-In, Tranquil Garden: Roshambo!

Tranquil Garden: Roshambo is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW on the ANDROID PLAY STORE for FREE!!! It's a simple Rock-Paper-Scissors experience which will provide secret codes that you can use in the main Tranquil Garden game for new, powerful abilities and playable characters!

►►► (

Please bear with us as we do everything we can to finally complete Tranquil Garden and turn it into a special RPG experience worth treasuring. PLEASE feel free to reach out to us via Email ("") or anywhere on our social networks if you have any questions, comments, or if you would even like to learn how you could get a FREE copy of our games!

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