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Transparency Time!

We stated and we provided! Juniper, Tranquil Garden's main protagonist, has had his "character card" created and thrown up on social media. Please feel free to check it out and look forward to these types of submissions for other main characters! I promise that we are working on getting more gameplay-related updates done, and let me be completely transparent with you:

- Part of our team is working on Tranquil Garden, making sure that it is close to the vision that we initially intended for it to fit. We want it to be an interesting and fun experience, regardless of it being developed in RPG Maker.

- Another part of our team is actually working on an accessible puzzle game for mobile devices which we will formally announce once it's comfortably ready.

- We've been sitting on a few video projects almost for as long as we've been working on Tranquil Garden that we are looking to finalize soon. Just to give you even more of a point, one of those videos features an in-depth explanation as to why Tranquil Garden has taken so long to develop and release.

Here at Glass Robot, we want to be known for starting and finishing the projects that we work on. We want our experiences to be fun, engaging, and as impactful as they can be. If you ever have any feedback for us, please feel free to reach out at ANY POINT IN TIME via Email ( or even by commenting on our content in their respective outlets. We'll do everything we can to respond as promptly as possible!!

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