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Unexpected Activity means Gradual Progress

Hey all,

It's little ol' Kairo checking into provide you with some brief yet informative updates!

Tranquil GardenFirstly, this project is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. We've come across a number of issues in regards to getting it finished, but we're in the process of recording/editing the game's trailer. Once we finish that up, we can open up the Steam Page for the game and provide a beefier update. Please, however, understand that we are working hard on the project and wish for it to be a worthwhile experience.

Keeping Our Skills Fresh

Next, I would like to actually mention that while a fraction of our Team has been working on Tranquil Garden, the rest of us have actually been working on a new project! It's much smaller in scope than anything else that we've worked on so far and we might have more details to share sooner as opposed to later. For now, I will at least inform you that it's a fun and simple puzzle game starring yours truly!

We want to and will post more consistently on here and to our social media networks, so any and all support is certainly appreciated! Keep on keepin' on and Glass Robot will keep in touch!!

The Glass Robot Team isn't going anywhere.

We're here to stay and bring you some awesome video game experiences!

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