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Where We're at with Tranquil Garden

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend! We've been busy working on Tranquil Garden and actually have some cool progress to report, so let's get on with GRR #1.

So by this point, we're in the Beta phase of the game's development. We'll be releasing an updated Demo on GameJolt, Itchio, and hopefully Steam later this week. Attached to this post of the Glass Robot Report will be some screenshots to satiate your curiosity though.

The game's got a few areas to explore and restore. We have the general look of the maps down, each one's mechanical and visual theme implemented, and a third of the game's battles balanced. We'll go into specifics of each area leading up to Tranquil Garden's actual release.

All in all, the game is about 70% to 75% complete. We could've done a lot better with tracking progress and this project has really helped teach us a lot.

See y'all in the next Glass Robot Report, take it easy!

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